Photo of Jeffrey D. Dyess

As chair of Bradley's Intellectual Property Practice Group, Jeff Dyess is a litigation partner with over two decades of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in the areas of intellectual property, competitive practice, trade secret and complex commercial disputes.

Jeff’s approach to litigation focuses on the partnership between the client and counsel. He believes that effective representation of the client – representation that achieves both short-term success in the immediate litigation as well as servicing the client’s long-term business goals – is best achieved when counsel understands the client’s business, its people and its culture.

Can you still have noncompete agreements with your employees? What if you explicitly state that the agreement protects trade secrets or other proprietary information? There has been a lot of buzz about this issue, and recently the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board joined the conversation with a memorandum, GC 23-08, opining

The construction industry is full of valuable business information including customer lists, pricing information, project budgets, and more. The value of such information may be lost if it becomes known to a competitor or the public at large. That is why it is important to take steps to protect confidential information from disclosure. Such steps